Accident Prevention

Indicators and driving profile of drivers with a higher risk for traffic accidents


Identifying behaviors that increase the likelihood of accidents


Reduced costs with indemnity for traffic accidents

Driver Training:

Tool to alert the driver in real time and identify training needs.


Indicators that provide an overview of the macro operation, allowing you to anticipate problems and planning for the operation.


Risky Event Indicator

Determination of infractions that increase the likelihood of serious accidents. Bringing in graphs and tables that indicate where the company is more vulnerable to fatalities from traffic and where mitigating actions should be taken.

The performance indicators provide a full view of the operation, favoring the planning and adaptation of the company to the market.

G force: Monitors the ratio of lateral acceleration in curves to generate alerts of tipping over risk.

Driver Ranking

Identification of drivers with a dangerous driving profile who are more susceptible to serious accidents.

Monitoring the driving profile of each driver and the need for recycling on defensive driving.

Identification of driver and vehicle via logistic keyboard or RFID badge reader

Safe Drive

Speeding alerts by driver, even in dark spots

Identifies braking and sudden acceleration, generating real-time feedback for driver education - he/she knows in real time that a sudden acceleration has generated a score on the electronic records of the company.

Driving Journey Control

Allows you to draw a driving profile for each driver and support improvement and incentive programs .

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On board Videomonitoring

Monitoring of traffic occurrences, evasion of revenue, insurance claims and customer complaints

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Speed control by Stretch

Audit of timeliness of trips with alerts to avoid risks and penalties.

Detailed speed control, allowing differentiated limits for each route stretch and for each type of vehicle. Issuing of excess alerts to the driver, even in regions without cellular coverage.

Speed Reading directly from the vehicle's central, with reliable information to the speedometer. Ability to identify excesses and view them on a map.

Daily driver performance report

Daily Analysis of the driving of the vehicle with possible identification of excess speed on dry and wet track, abrupt accelerations and decelerations and even periods of downhill coasting.

Reports indicate that all actions taken by drivers, including violations during the trajectory such as: speed limit and/or forbidden entry into places.

Detailed History for determining the causes of accidents.

Collision Alerts

Sensors that monitor physical shock and transmit alerts of possible collision for urgent management.

Veltec Equipment is endowed with internal battery, allowing the sending of alerts via cellular network even if the accident has cut power to the module.