On board Videomonitoring

Cameras loaded on trucks, providing greater control and safety of operation.


Videos to establish responsibility in accidents, detours and bad behavior of drivers


Protected data in internal HD for high durability and proprietary video format that prevents viewing by third parties.


Transfer of videos via 3G

Built-in telemetry:

Request for videos by exception events, without the need for watching the video in full

Vsafe – fatigue and driver risk behavior sensor


On Board Recording

Total vehicle operation recording with up to 4 cameras mounted through hardware and software solutions entirely by Veltec, ensuring the continuing development of products.

Videos for determining responsibility in traffic accidents, detours, conduct of the driver, adherence to standards and EPI’hen accessing the cargo, robbery to the vehicle, etc.

Optional infrared cameras, for night recording or in dark environments, electronic iris with automatic brightness for frontal road recording Possibility of installing cameras inside the trailer to monitor the handling of cargo or in bus halls to monitor the behavior of passengers.

The images are stored in the automotive recording central, in an internal disc, which can be transferred by usb memory at the time when vehicles arrive at the garage.

Integration with telemetry event

The exceptions found in the driveability analysis can serve as restriction to the collection of images from the Video Surveillance module, allowing the selection of only stretches of dangerous driving for viewing.

These may be requested whenever situations of risk arise, through integration with the telemetry or through requests for statistical sampling.

This allows you to associate the images to the track traveled as well as reducing the amount of videos to watch. Through integration with the telemetry and driveability solution, it is possible to select only the cases of exceptions such as: excess speed and engine rpm, curves and sudden braking, door openings, among others.

Transfer videos via 3G network

Version available with 3G modem for downloading excerpts of footage via cellular network.

Footage excerpts automatically reserved by telemetry occurrences or through manual requisition are transferred during the trip whenever there is a connection with 3G telephone networks .

All videos are available to the supervisor of each fleet on site with restricted , and protected access, while ensuring confidentiality of uploaded videos. If necessary, the customer’s users with permission will be able to download the files in video format open to sharing with HR or Legal.


Detect driver risk behavior as: distraction, talking on the cellphone, fatigue, drowsiness, change of range, approach or risk of collision. Vsafe issues alerts to the driver and to the monitoring center for real-time processing.