Fleet Management

Total control over usage profile and productivity of the fleet, allowing for optimization of idle vehicles and rapid decision-making.

Greater return on investment:

Easy identification of underutilized vehicles, leading to actions for demobilisation and better usage of the available fleet.

Lower cost with servicing:

Identification of drivers with inappropriate driving practices who end up putting a burden on the maintenance of the fleet.

Effective odometer control:

Reading of the odometer straight from the vehicle's electronic systems, providing reliable information for billing to the customer and maintenance scheduling.

Increased productivity:

Agile monitoring of the fleet with on line indicators to support decision-making and corrective actions in real time.

Learn about Veltec’s tools for fleet management with a focus on productivity increases and reduction of corrective maintenance.


Digital readout of odometer

Reading the odometer directly from the vehicle through the CAN network or OBDII connector, eliminating manual measurements and differences with the information is displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle.

With the digital telemetry readout, in addition to reliable information, your vehicle warranty is also preserved since physical interventions on the electric harness are not performed.

To expand the controls and do without manual processes, the odometer information can be exported to other systems via web services, eliminating rework and odometer errors.

These are all natural benefits for fleets but which are essential also for rental and car manufacturers that offer maintenance contracts.

Idle Fleet Indicator

Identifies the level of usage of vehicles through their movement, showing idle or underutilized vehicles.

The indicators compare all customer business units, allowing an instantaneous benchmark between the various customer operations.

With this information, the planning of purchases and movement of idle vehicles gains support in real time.

Diagnostics for Preventive Maintenance

The ‘Raster’ feature with alert diagnosis generated by the central electronic system of the vehicle, allowing real time interventions and auditing of vehicle events.

Collision warning in real time through impact sensors that indicate the likely occurrence of an accident and notifies the operating center immediately (depending on availability of GSM connection).

Logger® - Audit of accidents with telemetry information second-by-second for reconstruction of the occurrence and determination of responsibilities.

Total control of telemetry occurrences that overburden the mechanical unit, such as: Long periods without ignition, excessive RPM, Long stops with engine running, accelerating and braking suddenly, etc.

Through the management of drivers it is possible to identify drivers and units that feature a heavy fleet usage profile that are increasing maintenance costs.

GPS Monitoring

Online Monitoring of moving vehicles allowing for rapid decision-making. Vehicles are grouped according to level of zoom for easy viewing of the fleet allocated in each region.

Route deviation monitoring allows you to identify improper use of the vehicle, to audit the billing for “non-stop” toll tag and to optimize the checking of the tachometer.

Definitions of regions and points of reference to facilitate vehicle location, measure downtime at each site and identify stops at unpermitted places.

In the event of transmission challenger, such as dark spots, the equipment can store in its internal memory up to 1 week of operations with all telemetry data. Once communication is established, all data will be transmitted by obeying their date/time, ensuring the integrity of further analysis.

Daily Vehicle Report

Routine follow up on drivers, allowing us to identify punctuality, delays or irregularities in the fulfillment of the work shift.

Automatic closing of daily reports for billing the customer in contracts by the Daily Vehicle Report.

Audit of Routes and Stops

Viewing the trajectory undertaken, making it possible to analyze the distance traveled by one or more vehicles in a given period. The path is displayed on the map with the option of viewing the vehicle in motion.

Identifies the stops in unplanned places and stops of the vehicle while the engine is running, with identification of the start and end time of the occurrences.

Expandable Maps Database

Proprietary map database with the possibility for expansion for mapping agricultural roads, garages and regions not available in commercial databases.

Mapping of these pathways also allows the establishiment of speed limits according to the characteristics of the road and the operation of the client.

Satellite Kit and Violation sensors

Veltec’s top of the line product, VBOX Pro, has the feature of doubling GSM coverage through Dual-Chip and even hybrid communication via a satellite Kit.

With hybrid communication (terminals + GSM dual-chip) dark spots without monitoring are virtually non-existent. Even in areas where there is no signal by any of the 2 authorized mobile carriers positions will be sent through satellite transmission.

There are also accessories such as panic button, door sensors and electronic blockers for the vehicle, offering even more safety and control for the operation.