Driver Journey Control

Total adequacy to Law 13,103 and support on labor actions.


Alerts to the driver in real time, thus preventing journey deviations.

Human resources:

integration with HR systems to a full monitoring of the work day of drivers


Complete Information for road checks

Electronic Logbook:

Recording of all information sent to the central

See in the article below how our solution for driver journey control works:


Total compliance with law 13,103

Indicators for the fleet manager and integration with HR systems for accounting hours worked. Complete Information for road checks

After each vehicle ignition an alert siren is engaged, which is only interrupted upon driver identification on the logistic keyboard via password or scanning the electronic RFID badge.

Notes made in terminal are automatically computed in management system, eliminating extra work on typing manual slips and enabling real-time monitoring of the driver's routine.

Control of between shift resting periods

The terminal services works as an electronic logbook . It stores the entire history of the last 24 hours of driver activity, including prior vehicle license plates, in the event of an exchange thus highlighting infractions during mandatory driver resting breaks.

Consolidation of information through reports, stating the number of hours worked by drivers in accordance with company policy. Ability to integrate with the HR control system.

Active driver alerts

Alerts to the driver in real time, thus preventing law breaches

Triggers alerts in the cab for rest, meals and rest, with advance and recurrence configurations.

If driving time or journey are exceeded, the device emits audible and visual alerts, until the driver confirms acknowledgment. After confirmation, an event is sent to the system indicating that the driver is aware of the violation.

Support for Macros of Text

Allows communication by exchanging messages at any time between the central and the driver through the Logistic Services Keyboard (TSL).

Eliminates rework on manually typing of slips.