Cost-effective Driving

Analysis of losses in operation due to inadequate driving.


Average Reduction of 8% in operating costs with fuel and maintenance.

Measuring results:

Loss Information in operation due to lack of driver training and average savings per vehicle, making it possible to measure gains and losses in the operation.

Direct data from the CAN network:

Telemetry Data and fuel consumption directly from the CAN network with one click.

Return on investment:

Your needs met with a fair investment and return on investment in just a few months.

Watch the video of the telemetry presentation by Veltec and understand how it will make your operation more cost-effective


Financial indicator of operating losses

Verification of invisible wastes that overwhelm operations through charts and tables that point out where and how the company is saving or losing investment.

The performance indicators provide a macro view of the operation, favoring the planning and adaptation of the company to the market.

We also analyze the productivity of the team and identify losses due to poor driving.

B.I. (Business Intelligence) with Report Generator

Generation of analytical reports with data crossing such as: brand, model, driver, period, among others.
All the information can be displayed in graphs or tables.

Safe Drive

Interventions to correct the driving style of drivers in real time.

Generation of exceptions and alerts of excessive RPM and vehicles stopped with the engine running for long periods.

Driver Ranking

Ranking of drivers on the basis of economic driving, taking into account the high RPM indicators (direction in the yellow and red bands) and Idle Engine (stopped vehicle with engine switched on).

The Driver Ranking offers information on driver ranking, award programs, and driver identification that require more efficient driver training.

In addition, it is possible to identify drivers and vehicles used by means of logistical keyboard or RFID card reader.

Digital Telemetry via CAN or OBD (RPM & Idling)

Driving analysis with determination of engine rotation ranges used in the operation.

Accurate Information from odometer, speed and RPM, getting rid of manual measuring.

Reading of data from the CAN network through electromagnetic induction, with device that "embraces" the wires, eliminating the need to strip them, preserving the vehicle's warranty.
Product evaluated and approved by the automaker market leaders