Vbox Pro

  • By:: Veltec
  • Category:: Equipment
  • Solutions:: Cost Effective Driving; Accident prevention; Operational Efficiency; Video Surveillance; Control of journey; Passenger Transport
  • Size:: 120 x 109 x 31 mm
  • Placement:: Internal to dashboard

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Vbox Pro is a piece of GPS monitoring equipment for high performance with embedded intelligence and high precision sensors . Its ability to expand through sensors and actuators make it perfect for heavy fleets and projects with demand for more complex info.


  • Location of the vehicle by GPS signal
  •  Communication by GSM network for sending the data packets (Dual chip optional)
  • Accelerometer sensor which generates alerts of abrupt movements in collisions, curves, acceleration and braking
  •  Internal memory for storage in ashadow areas with retroactive transmission of up to 7 days
  •  Second-to-second Logger of up to 72 hours for audit of accidents
  •  Onboard Rotogram with speed limits by stretch of roade
  •  Reading of telemetry in various types of vehicles by pulse sensors, DVD or DVD OBDII
    compatibility with various attachments, such as:
    – Rain Sensor for reducing the speed limit on board
    – Loading and unloading sensor for concrete mixer, platform, granulated ration or pneumatic valve
    – Keyboard journey and a nametag RFID reader for driver management
    – Lock Kit  and inductive violation of ports sensor
    – Satellite Antenna for hybrid communication in dark GSM areas
    – Video surveillance of shipments for recording the operation
    – Safe Drive for audible and visual alerting of excesses in driving


  • Real Odometer to schedule preventive maintenance
  • Reliable analysis of the behavior of the driver by high precision telemetry
  • Onboard Intelligence for autonomous alerts to the driver even in dark GSM  areas
  • Detailed history for the reconstitution of accidents or misuse of the vehicle
  • Possibility for expansion of operational information through the connection of peripherals, sensors and actuators
  • High durability equipment, interchangeable among different types of vehicles

Selecionar idioma: Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish)