• Head Office: : Blumenau/SC
  • Industry: : Software Development
  • Products and Services: : Delivery Management Software
  • Website: : www.hbsis.com.br

The company:

HBSIS has been on the market for over 20 years, offering various options of services, with focus on the integration between business areas of their customers. With approximately 260 professionals, HBSIS serves customers throughout the United States, consolidating itself in the market over the years.

The partnership:

Veltec solutions can be integrated to Tracking HBSIS, feeding the system with notes on travel and georeferencing of vehicles.


  • Optimizes routes and reduces the costs of operation controlling overtime, returns, unscheduled shutdowns, mileage and deviations in the route.
  • Acts and reverses the returns at the time they occur through alerts are sent in real time between the driver of the vehicle and the central.
  • Features in a single interface the exact information about vehicle, deliveries, invoice, journey of the driver and much more.