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CCO Veltec is a service hired separately from our solutions and is composed of a team suited to the size of the fleet and comprises a cebtral with multiple screens and operators who supervise and monitor all vehicles in circulation for the customer operation in real time.

From this monitoring  the information necessary for decision-making in the fleet is generated manager, such as: advanced telemetry, excessive speed, time of idle engine, excessive RPM, excessive deviation from routes, optimization of lines, timeliness, among other aspects. The data extracted from the system arrives at CCO, where specific , analytical and managerial reports are prepared and forwarded to the operation providing agility in corrective actions during the transport process ensuring safer and  more cost-effective driving.


  • Increased efficiency with continuous improvement of processes;
  • Focus on core business, freeing professionals to fully devote themselves to the tasks related to the company’s growth;
  • Reduction of investments, whether in capital, either in training, in the implementation of these processes;
  • Control and reduction of operational costs;

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