App Monitriip

  • By:: Veltec
  • Category:: Application
  • Solutions: : Passenger Transport Management
  • Required Equipment:: Android Smartphone (not included)


The Veltec Monitriip app complies in full with Resolution 4,499 – which regulates the Monitoring of Interstate and international Road Collective Passenger Transport. It was developed with automatic alerts for user friendliness, promoting greater adherence to this solution.


  • Control of start and end of trips as per legal normatives
  •  Monitoring of the driving journey and meals
  • Bluetooth accessory to monitor open doors and vehicle ignition
  • Ticket readings by the camera on your smartphone directly from the app
  • Web system with report of trips reported to the ANTT
  • Integration with ticket sales systems


  • Total compliance to the legislation by ANTT
  • “Stand alone” Operation only via the app or integrated with telemetry via bluetooth
  • Simple interface for the driver
  • Readiness for future adaptations to changes in legislation.