• Name: Taipastur
  • HQ: São Paulo/SP
  • Industries: Beverage Distribution
  • Products and Services: Drinks and Food
  • Employees: 380


“With the implementation of telemetry by Veltec, we treat the speed occurrences equal to or greater than 1 second, it was possible to control not only the speed and acceleration, braking and turns, with this we have had an average reduction of 70% in these instances. And we believe in the dream of ZERO accidents.”

James Fortes da Silva Taipastur Workplace Safety


reduction in instances of excessive speed


reduction with idle engine


reduction in traffic accidents

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Taipastur was born in 1988. The company is part of the Group Piccolotur, which started its activities in 1959, with three coaches, making the collective transport of passengers between Jundiai and the neighborhood of Bonfim, in Cabreuva. Soon after, it started operating in chartering at Jundiaí and Region.

Today, the company also operates in the distribution of alcoholic products by Ambev and has 06 operations in the cities of Recife/SP, Presidente Prudente/SP, Praia Grande/SP, Guarujá/SP, Louveira/SP and Ponta Grossa – PR.

Automating the controls for occurrences in driving, mainly related to excess speed and to have greater agility in handling occurrences.

Prior to implementing Veltec Taipastur performed only the control for excess speed, by reading the tachograph disks. The process was slow because all units sent the disks to the main office, where a person responsible did the reading of each disc and returned them to the units with occurrences to be treated. This process took on average one week.

The company started working with Veltec in January 2016 having high rates of excess speed and several cases of absence from work due to traffic accidents. With the deployment the company began to have real-time information and to monitor more closely such occurrences, as well as training and educating drivers, on economical driving and accident prevention. Only in that first year it was possible to identify a drop of 86% in the events of excessive speed, 96% with braking and sudden acceleration, 99% with turns and 58% reduction in the occurrence of engine idle (stationary with the engine running)

Implementation of telemetry and management of drivers with a focus on reduction of traffic accidents and reducing operating costs.

The result of this improvement in the driving of vehicles was reflected directly in the reduction of traffic accidents with lay-offs which went from 29 in 2015 to 01 in 2016.

The company has instituted weekly training on telemetry, monitoring the driver in case of occurrences with speed, acceleration, braking and idle engine and deployed a model of daily management of occurrences, reducing the time for taking action.

Selecionar idioma: Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish)