Virginia Beverage Distributor

  • HQ: Maringá/PR
  • Industries: Food and Beverages
  • Products and Services: Beverage Distributor
  • Employees: 295 Employees
  • Fleet: 70 vehicles
  • Website:
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“From February to December 2015 the beverage distributor Virginia has achieved a reduction of R$ 172,842.46 between vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption with the RPM project, after completion of the project, they standardized a process of preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and training of drivers at admission and recycling training on the job”.

Elton Cladeira Manager PEX

Reduction of more than R$ 170 K

with maintenance and fuel consumption.


reduction RPM in yellow and red zones

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Virginia acts as a distributor of beverages exclusive to the Ambev brands since 1951,it operates in 65 cities of Paraná in a geographical area defined by Ambev, it now has a team of 295 employees, with a fleet of 70 vehicles amidst delivery, hauling, light vehicles and forklifts, in 2014 it was recognized by Ambev in its  excellence program as the best Ambev resale in Brazil.


In August 2014, Virginia drink distributor initiated a project that had as its objective to exercise a troubleshooting method called Yellow Belt. They chose the indicator of RPM in yellow and red zones and identified an average of 34% of working time of the delivery fleet working at yellow and red RPM zones, thus causing increased wear of the equipment and high fuel consumption, the company’s board of directors established a target limit of 20.66% of the working time of the delivery fleet for the same RPM (red and yellow) and, according to studies, this reduction of 14% would bring a reduction of approximately $15,000.00 a month between maintenance and fuel for the fleet of vehicles at Virginia.


The logistics management prior to deployment of Veltec was done+empirically, leaving the tracking of vehicles completely vulnerable and consequently, the verification of productivity for delivery time was also impaired. As soon as Veltec’s system was installed, it was possible to track and use tools such as measurement of excesses speed and maneuverability of drivers enabling a gradual improvement of productivity and safety of the team en route, all of this resulting in an improvement in costs with the fleet.


Virginia deployed the solution of telemetry and cost-effective driving for ts fleet in 2013 and, from the moment it detected the needs and problems to be solved in fleet monitoring (lower indices of RPM in yellow and red zones), the use of resources and information available from Veltec was fundamental to achieving the target reduction set by the company’s board of directors.


After 1 year of work applying the methodology with the technological resources Veltec offers us in the case of the RPM we achieved the following scenario:

grafico RPM - distribuidora Virgínia


The main objective of the project was to hit the goal of 20.66% in June of 2015, the company came very close to the goal this month and hit 17.5% in July. In the months following the indicator reached even lower levels.

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