• HQ: São Bernardo do Campo/SP
  • Industry: Transportation and Vehicle Logistics
  • Activity: Distribution of new vehicles
  • Employees: 1,014 Employees
  • Fleet: 560 vehicles
  • Website:
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“Today Transauto has a satisfactory managerial vision of the fleet applied to results that covers the reduction of the operational costs of vehicles. The Veltec system provided information for improvement in training drivers and operational responsibility with a focus directed to a more economically and environmentally friendly driving, reduction of speeding tickets, traffic accidents and fuel waste.”


Franz Stuksa Commercial Manager and Logistics

Working with reliable data

Reduced operational

costs of vehicles

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Transauto S/A is specialized in the distribution of new vehicles for the entire national territory and also for Mercosur servicing the largest automakers in the country.

It currently has a fleet of 560 trucks that transport from automobiles to bus chassis, including cargo vans, vans, light, medium and heavy trucks.

With a body of 1,014 direct employees and 460 indirect jobs, Transauto boasts the ISO9001/08 and with the K1 certifications from Ford Global, awarded to the best suppliers, enabling it to provide services in the countries where the maker operates.

  • Working with reliable data;
  • Analyze performance of drivers and vehicles.
  • Reduced operational costs of vehicles;
  • Improvement of routes and deadlines for deliveries.


The need to obtain a reliable and flexible product with real-time information about the location of the fleet, also the operational management focused on reducing waste and driving of vehicles of the company.


Since 2007 we have developed a partnership in hybrid geolocation, which today extends from telemetry to driver management with a focus on loss reduction and leveraging operational improvement.


After the deployment we were able to measure the reduction in cost in the maintenance of trucks and inappropriate driving (stationary with engine running and excessive torque), it was also possible to lower expenses with the excess workload and overtime.

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