Santos Andirá

  • HQ: Andirá-PR
  • Industry: Furniture
  • Products and Services: Manufacturing of furniture for bedrooms
  • Activity: National
  • Website:
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“Taking into account the fuel costs, driver daily wages, travel time and extra mileage driven, we had a significant reduction of the total costs, with respect to the time spent in the operation, the reduction was striking. Encompassing all these advantages and improvement, we have our end customer who ends up satisfied, not only with the Santos Andirá products but also with the excellent quality in deliveries.”

Ary Batista Rocha Júnior Logistics

20 to 25 min

average Time gained in route generation

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Santos Andirá was founded in 1961, it is one of the largest furniture producers in Latin America and relies today on 500 hundred employees who provide it with a productive capacity of 420,000 bedrooms/year. Santos Andirá also incorporates the Santos Andirá transport company, which has a fleet of trucks, trailers and light vehicles that make the delivery of the products throughout Brazil, contributing to the preservation of the product quality and the speed of delivery.

  • Improve the delivery system of Santos Andirá;
  • Decrease the goods delivery time.
  • Automate the generation of delivery routes.


The generation of delivery routes at Santos Andirá was done manually with the use of road maps, a time consuming process and very inaccurate. This form of working caused several route errors, causing some disruption to Santos Andirá such as: delay in deliveries, customer complaint and also an increase in cost each time our vehicles leave. The choice of the Avant router sprung from the need to make the delivery process more agile and efficient.


Santos Andirá was the pioneer company with the Avant router, contributing to the development and the improvement of the solution over time. “One of the major differentials in choosing Avant was the ease of handling and the immediate availability of support from personnel at Veltec”.


  • Agility in the process of routing.
  • Reduction of operational costs.
  • Quick deliveries.

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