Rimatur Transport

  • HQ: Curitiba - PR
  • Industry: Services
  • Products and Services: Road transport of passengers by chartering (continuous and occasional)
  • Employees: 769 employees
  • Fleet: 430 vehicles
  • Website: http://rimatur.com.br/
  • :


“The consumption of the car while idling was around 12 thousand dollars per month, in the last 2 and a half years we have reduced it by half, today is in the order of 6 and a half, so we reduced 50% of the cost”.


Renato Azevedo Operations Director

Monthly Reduction 50%

of vehicle fuel consumption when stopped with the engine running.

R$200 thousand

annual savings

Rimatur Transport Ltd. operates in the segment of chartered transport continuous and occasional. Since 1990 it has been conquering a good concept on the market due to great concern in providing their services, as well as in upgrading and maintaining their fleet, based on these principles Rimatur occupies today the privileged position of being (2nd) second largest company (Modern Transportation – Biggest and Best Issue 19 – November 2011) in this segment in Brazil. The company stands out in the market for its dynamism and partnership that seeks to develop together with customers and suppliers.

  • Have information that would help the decision-making.
  • Analyze performance of drivers and vehicles.
  • Automation of the logistics operation.
  • Working with reliable data on the mileage traveled and fuel consumption.


The management was only by control of scale, there was no monitoring of vehicles making it difficult, for example, to check if the car had run the expected mileage. There was no instantaneous location of the vehicle for timeliness monitoring or correct compliance with the established routes, speeds could only be checked by the tachograph disks, and the controls were done manually. Deploying a system of advanced technology that met the need for information for quick decisions that could assist with the generation of controls over the operational losses and invisible costs was essential for better performance of the fleet, both in its physical use, and costs of operation.


Rimatur acquired the solutions by Veltec for monitoring and telemetry, besides  control of fuel, which allowed them to reduce costs with fleet and obtain precise information for decision making. Today they use the system in a stronger way. They run a project of process automation, where they seek the least amount of human interference as possible, the company ERP is integrated into our system for monitoring and control of supply, allowing them to gather information effectively. There is a team assigned to control the fleet and logistics. This team makes the preparation and adjustments of the itineraries for customers and the whole part of assisting the monitor. They extract reports such as: car stopped with the engine running, excessive rotation of engine, excessive speed, deviations from routes and etc. With these reports it is possible to guide drivers, and call them to a re-training according to how they drive the vehicle.


“With Veltec solutions, one of the controls possible is to perform a filter with a deviation of route, which in our case we chose to do it for deviations that are equal to or greater than 10% of the mileage defined by itinerary/vehicle, this deviation today gives us an additional cost per month of approximately 15 thousand Reais. Then all increase of itinerary that exceeds the predicted 10%, we treat ,the team talks to the driver to understand the problem and fix it. These actions have yielded significant reduction with this unnecessary expense and when eliminated along with other adjustments and corrections, will give us an annual savings in the order of R$200 thousand, which is quite significant. We would not be able to do this if we did not have the system for monitoring and controlling by Veltec”.