• Name: Proluminas
  • HQ: Varginha/MG
  • Industry: Chemicals and Flammables
  • Products and Services: Lubricants
  • Nº of employees: 280 Employees
  • Fleet: 110 vehicles
  • Website:


“With Veltec we could optimize working time, greater reliability in information for collection and overtime performed. With the Rotogram tool, we could have higher speed control at risky stretches. We optimized the collection routes and implemented the Journey Control.”

Lucas Messias Monitoring Analyst


Reduction in time for closing payroll


Reliability in collections

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Proluminas Lubricants is a company for domestic refining of lubricating oil, having as its main activity the gathering and refining of used lubricating oils of various types. The re-refining consists in the recovery and transformation of used lubricating oil or contaminated into basic oil again. Thus, through a complex system of logistics that ensures national collection in various establishments like shops, fuel stations, car dealers, shipping, among others, Proluminas avoids incalculable environmental impact, preventing this oil from getting poured into nature or used improperly and consequently harming man and the environment.


  • Optimizing the closing time of payroll;
  • Control of collections.

Prior to implementing Veltec, the control process for collections and closure of payroll, was all done via excel spreadsheets, where employees fed information gathered through other tracking systems, already installed in the fleet.

Proluminas opted for instaling the solution for GPS monitoring  and telemetry in its fleet to have greater agility and reliability in the treatment of information related to collections.

After implementing Veltec, time spent on closing of payroll was reduced, with greater reliability of the information. As for the collections, they can now be monitored in real-time. We have also had good results in the optimization of routes, control of customer visits, and a decrease in engine idle time (stopped/running).​

Selecionar idioma: Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish)