Nilo Tozzo

  • Name: Nilo Tozzo
  • HQ: Cordilheira Alta- SC
  • Industry: Distributor
  • Products and Services: Distribution of toys, handheld electronics, fragrances and stationery.
  • Employees: 342
  • Website:


“Priorly, the time for route generation was long due to the need to copy all cities with the total deliveries and have the knowledge of where all the cities were . With Avant, you have the map and the suggestions of regions, which facilitates cargo loading.”

Edson Router

15 to 20min

Average Time gained in route generation

Located in Cordilheira Alta-SC, Nilo Tozzo distributors initiated its operation in 1997, determined to conquer its share of a dynamic market with its modern policies. Entrepreneurial Vision and determination were the basis for the company to growth and become one of the largest wholesalers in southern Brazil.

  • Improve the time of order routing.
  • Facilitate the loading of cargo;
  • Optimize the sequence of deliveries;
  • Reduce logistic cost

To deploy a system of request routing, that would take into account the particularities of Nilo Tozzo, allowing the loading of cargo with more and the reduction of the time limit for delivery combined with the operational costs of the company.


Nilo Tozzo initiated work with the Avant router in 2011 and since then it has been setting up its delivery routes through the optimized and sequential routing.


  • Verification of client information and orders directly on the map, reducing the chances of a needless truck trip.
  • Ease in assembling loads and decrease in the routing time of due to region suggestion and the dynamics of the system.
  • Centralizing all vehicle information in a single system.
  • Improvement in order and construction of routes.