Jundiá Ice Creams

  • Name: Jundiá Ice Creams
  • HQ: Jundiai/SP
  • Industry: Food and Beverages
  • Products and Services: Ice Cream Factory
  • Fleet: 141 vehicles
  • Website: http://www.jundia.com.br


“In addition to all the benefits the Veltec system has brought us, we rely on customer service by helpful commercial consultants, committed and dedicated, a technical team with qualified support and agile people and also a post sale that answers requests, ensuring the operation of all processes employed always bringing novelty to increasingly improve our operation.”

Doni Luiz Lopes Monitoring


Reduction in exceeded RPM


reduction of engine idling

At the beginning, Jundiá Ice Cream was a small factory in Jundiaí, a city in the countryside of São Paulo. But the passion was such that the company needed to share it with more and more people: today there are more than 25,000 points of sale and thousands of consumers in various states of our country. And, as we know that every Brazilian is passionate about ice cream, Jundiá has invested in a new facility to attend their ever greater customer base. With the most modern technologies, Jundia Ice Cream guarantees even more quality, taste and most importantly: much more ice cream and joy to their consumers.
It was with this joy contained in each one of its more than 80 flavors that the company has won the position of 3rd largest brand of ice cream of Brazil and the leadership in the category, within the state of São Paulo.

Jundia Ice Cream already had a simple system for tracking, but in 2014 it became necessary to go further and have more detailed controls such as temperature of vehicles, delivery time to clients and idleness (stopped with engine running).


The partnership with Veltec came in 2014, after a market research, when they deployed the solutions for GPS monitoring Telemetry, fuel control and BI performance indicators. Since then the company has been controlling the indicators of its fleet and lowering the rates of loss in the operation.


With the deployment of the system, Jundia obtained a better control of excessive torque (excess RPM) where, before Veltec, the average per vehicle was approximately 10.9 hours/month in yellow and red zones. In these 2 years of partnership, even doubling the fleet monitored, the company reached the mark of 4.8 hours/month in yellow and red, an improvement of 55%, impacting directly on cost.

With the control of stops with engine running (idling), we obtained in the last month, a reduction of 14% compared to the beginning of the project, where the monitored fleet was half of what it is today, impacting not only on fuel waste, but also in greater durability in engine overhaul‘.