• Name: Codical
  • HQ: Santo Antônio de Jesus / BA
  • Industry: Distributor
  • Products and Services: Food products, toiletries, cleaning and shoes.
  • Activity: Northeast
  • Employees: 1000
  • Website:


“After implementing the Veltec solution there was a significant improvement in the operational cost of logistics and transport, including reduced average mileage of routes and the faster return of the vehicle to the company. In addition, the solution has allowed for real-time monitoring of drivers, supplies and vehicles en route.”

Laura Souza Manager of transport


reduction in the rates of products returned.

R$ 15000,00

savings with fuel waste.

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Codical Distributor is a giant in the distribution sector. Located in Santo Antônio de Jesus (BA), the company works with distribution of food products, toletries, cleaning and shoes. There are four subsidiaries and two distribution centers that generate more than 1,000 direct jobs, serving more than 9,000 customers throughout the territory.

  • Having access to the information field in real time
  • Reducing logistics costs

The monitoring of deliveries performed by a driver was done only by phone, when there was an occurrence in delivery the driver called the company to get the appropriate solution and attempt a negotiation of the cargo. The cost of phone calls was very high, making the whole process of distribution less profitable.

Codical adopted solutions from Veltec for monitoring and telemetry, in addition to certification of delivery, in partnership with the company HBSIS. Using the keyboard’s logistics Veltec, drivers indicate when there is some type of problem in delivery and data are recorded in the software HD.MD by HBSIS. Immediately,  the central comes in contact with the customer for clarification and negotiation of the return, before the truck leaves the site. With the handling of exceptions alerts during driving, provided through the solutions by Veltec, such as: long stops with engine running, excessive speed or driving at high engine rotation, it was possible to achieve significant improvement in the operational cost of logistics and transport.

According to Allyson Mendes administration and finance manager, “the need for more control over the critical contact with customers is being met. With the delivery monitored in real time we have reduced by more than 1.4% the return rates and over $15,000.00 in fuel waste, a significant improvement in the operational cost of logistics and transport. We know that we still have a long walk in this fight, but we know we can rely on partners like this.” In addition other results were:

  • Better monitoring of travel time between points of delivery;
  • Rapid handling of returns;
  • Control of engine idling time;
  • Control over the harmful driving.

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