Carrer Foods

  • HQ: Farroupilha/RS
  • Industry: Foods
  • Products and Services: Processing of meat and chicken cuts
  • Employees: 500 Employees
  • Fleet: 30 vehicles
  • Website:
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“We have indeed had a reduction in our value per kilo transported. In addition, we are able to service the majority of customers in their schedules, which has been gaining their loyalty “.

Rosele Vila Responsible for the Logistics Area

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Carrer has a verticalized production, relying on units in: Encanto, responsible for the raising of breeders, production of fertile eggs, hatching, 1 day chicks, and the raising of broilers, in Boa Vista do Sul: where the industry of sausages is, and finally in Farroupilha: responsible for manufacturing a balanced animal feed, slaughterhouse, butchery and also located at this unit is the administrative center.
Carrer today operates in the external market exporting to various countries such as: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Iraq, United Arab Emirates. As for the internal market, it operates all through the national territory, Rio Grande do Sul being its greater operation focus, where in a month more than 4000 deliveries are carried out.


  • Streamline the process of routing and cargo loading;
  • Establish the route for each truck.
  • Control miles/kms traveled.


Before the deployment of the Veltec solution, the Carrer company received its orders daily and performed the entire procedure manually, with few technological resources that could help in the agility of the process. Its greater necessity was to have a routing system that would allow for an efficient control over the route of its fleet.


The deployment of the solution for routing of deliveries allowed them to serve their customers faster, because now, they can establish a roadmap of deliveries as per the priorities and needs of each customer.


With the deployment of Veltec solutions, first of all, we more satisfactorily serve our customers, because with the roadmap of deliveries established before the truck leaves the company, determined by the priorities and needs of each client, we can fulfill all deliveries within each set time of receipt, respecting their needs. Furthermore we were able to reduce the cost of logistics, managing to perform shorter routes and with a greater number of deliveries.

Selecionar idioma: Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish)