Calixto Group

  • HQ: Londrina/PR
  • Activity: Roadside help and VehicleTransport
  • Fleet: 40 vehicles
  • Employees: 73 team members
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“In addition to all these benefits to our company by Veltec, we count on quality service, whenever we need, we are met by qualified personnel, dedicated and committed to solving our situations as soon as possible not to mention the presence of after-sales consultant service, doing requests and phone follow ups presenting new technologies and improvement for our operation with what we already have.”


savings of fuel consumption (car carrier trailers)


of economy (platforms)

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Calixto Auto Help operates in the cities of Londrina, Maringá and São Paulo providing transport services and removal of vehicles, it has an extensive fleet of vehicles, 100% Guaranteed, the main factor in the quality of service and security of this company.The Calixto Group is formed by Calixto Auto Help companies, for removals and Transcalixto to vehicle transport.


The initial objective of the client, was to obtain real-time information of the location of vehicles to improve their operations and agility in decision making. Over time, the system became much more than a simple tracker, bringing to Calixto, the most strategic information on vehicles.


The logistics process before obtaining the software by Veltec was performed manually only with controls in spreadsheets, prone to errors, generating a lot of reworking and impacting the time needed for the completion of such.

With the deployment of GPS monitoring  and telemetry it has  been possible to control, in addition to the basic information of tracking, the excess speed and RPM, idle engine and the routes taken by vehicles.


With Veltec, Calixto began controlling the excess speed by drivers through engagement of a buzzer (audible alert) for each time the driver exceeds the speed limit, controlling the fuel consumption of the fleet.
This monitoring has brought considerable savings in operation, reducing the average consumption of vehicles, also bringing greater safety and less spending on traffic tickets.

Selecionar idioma: Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish)