Atlântica Distributor

  • Name: Atlântica Distributor
  • HQ: Guaratinguetá/SP
  • Industry: Food and Beverages
  • Products and Services: Distributor of beverages Ambev
  • Employees: 180
  • Fleet: 31 vehicles
  • Website:


“Without a doubt the speed of information generated for management and decision-making was one of the main benefits after the deployment of Veltec who provided results that matter in the costs at Atlantica, mainly in relation to the reduction of excessive acceleration and idle engine”.

Wedson de Paula Logística Manager


Average fuel consumption

R$ 17K / month


DPO Ambev

Full compliance with the block

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Atlantica markets and distributes beverages for Ambev in 2,640 points of sale in the region of the East Cone Area of Sao Paulo State (Vale do Paraíba), comprising 18 municipalities. The resale has 180 employees and a fleet of distribution with 28 trucks and 3 trailers dedicated to loading at factories of Ambev.

In 2015 the company received the title of regional “beast” and the first audit of 2016, qualifying 2 pillars of DPO: the pillar of FLEET and PEOPLE.



To have greater control and accuracy of information for monitoring the conduct of drivers, mainly in relation to risk behaviors at the steering wheel.



Without monitoring technology, the data for management were collected manually and in need of a person to tabulate it, thus the reliability of the data was not guaranteed.



The safety of our employees is always in first place. With the deployment of Veltec’s solution, in addition to costs we are also able to monitor the excesses committed by drivers, thus having reliable data to treat the occurrences directly with those who committed them, guiding the drivers according to each case.



  • Greater speed of information
  • Improving the safety of the driver, due to monitoring driving profile
  • Compliance with the DPO security block, training program and excellence offered by AMBEV.

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