Almeida Mercados

  • HQ: Cambe/PR
  • Activity: Supermarkets
  • Fleet: 25 vehicles
  • Employees: 455 vehicles
  • website:
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The greatest benefits with Veltec were security, greater commitment by drivers with the vehicle because they know they are being monitored, and reduction in fuel consumption. We have increased the number of vehicles, but proportionally, the consumption has not increased. Following up where the problem is when there is a delay in delivery was also a differential. Today we have been able to schedule goods, then we try to deploy the truck at the times that are best for us, avoiding delays”.

Osman Filho Operations Manager

greater security

for drivers

greater control

over excessive speed

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The network of supermarkets Almeida MErcados emerged in 1974 with the dry and wet products shop Comercial Almeida, installed in the city of Sertanópolis/PR and came to be known as Almeida Mercados in 1985. Over the years, the network was expanded throughout the region’s cities and today the network has 7 shops and a distribution center, and employs approximately 455 people. Almeida Mercados continually invests in new technologies to modernize their shops, meet and exceed the needs of customers with quality and efficiency.


  • To have greater control over the use of company vehicles, both by drivers and by supervisors and managers.
  • Provide greater security for employees who use company cars.


The only control we had on vehicles at Almeida was a logbook where employees wrote down, manually, where they were and what the initial and final mileage was. It was not possible to know for sure where the company cars were, much less if they were being used properly and within the road laws. It was common for employees to use cars for personal purposes and nobody would know, this led to high fuel consumption, for example.


After searching several suppliers, what weighed in on the decision by Almeida Markets for Veltec was service quality, the proximity of the company and the fact that the software and hardware are proprietary. Once the equipment had been installed it was soon possible to identify deviations of routes by vehicles, enabling a quick adjustment on the policies of the company.
Today the company does all the tracking of vehicles with demarcated routes, identification of drivers, speed control and management of deliveries based on the location of vehicles.


  • Greater control over excessive speed;
  • Possibility to make timetables for delivery and monitor the routine of each truck
  • Greater safety for drivers
  • Real-time monitoring of the location of vehicles.

Selecionar idioma: Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish)