Aliança Wholesaler

  • HQ: Uberlândia/MG
  • Activity: Wholesale and Distribution
  • Fleet: 120 vehicles
  • Employees: 400 employees
  • Website:
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“We found in Veltec an automated and safe solution for the employee and the organization. Along with monitoring, we were also able to evolve with the consolidated and analyzed information by the solution of Performance Indicators (BI). We believe that the partnership with Veltec is durable, because there is always a search for innovation and solutions aimed at improving the performance of your customers”.

Jorge Mariano dos Reis e Silva General Manager

Savings of R$ 172.14

per vehicle/month

R$ 6k reduction

in waste with high RPM, in two months of monitoring of the operation.

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Alliance Wholesaler operates in wholesale of consumer goods in general. It currently has a mix of over 4,000 SKU’s. It operates in 9 federal units and the Federal District. Ensuring the pattern of operation and prioritizing the activities of delivery with security, professionalism and punctuality are its great differentials.


With the enforcing of the legislation of the driver journey control (Law 13,103), Alliance Wholesaler realized the need to automate some of the processes in their operation, mainly aimed at the management of drivers and the monitoring of their work day.


For a long time the company has already worked with tracking in their vehicles, but with basic location solutions. The management of the routine work of the drivers was performed manually (disc of tachograph + slip control) and there was the analysis of telemetry data of the operation.


Alliance Wholesaler deployed along with the solution of Journey Control, the solutions of telemetry and Performance Indicators.


Today the company has the monitoring of the entire team mirrored to managers, enabling actions and fast analyzes, as well as the increase in productivity which is already noted all through company
with the tool BI, Alliance wholesaler is seeking now productivity improvement in environments still little exploited, such as speed recommendations and idleness of the fleet.

Selecionar idioma: Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Español (Spanish)