"Veltec has given us a more dynamic way to monitor the transport process of employees, as well as opportunities for online monitoring of all day-to-day events. So, we have achieved a goal of 98% reduction of complaints from users."
"We have had an average reduction of 70% in these instances. And we believe in the dream of ZERO accidents."
Virginia Beverage Distributor
"From February to December 2015 the beverage distributor Virginia has achieved a reduction of R$ 172,842.46 between vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption with the RPM project,"
Aliança Wholesaler
"Today the company has the support of the entire team, providing quick actions and analysis and increasing productivity."
“After implementing the Veltec solution there was a significant improvement in the operational cost of logistics and transport, including reduced average mileage of routes..."
Viação Passaredo
“The partnership with Veltec brought us better control over the fleet, increasing reliability along with the services provided to our customers, offering a differential in the sector of passenger transport".
“With Veltec we could optimize working time, greater reliability in information for collection and overtime performed."
Jundiá Ice Creams
“In addition to all the benefits the Veltec system has brought us, we rely on customer service by helpful commercial consultants."
Calixto Group
Controlling the excess speed has brought considerable savings with consumption of vehicles and less spending on traffic tickets.
Atlântica Distributor
“Without a doubt the speed of information generated for management and decision-making was one of the main benefits after the deployment of Veltec who provided results that matter in the costs at Atlantica."
Rimatur Transport
"The consumption of the car stopped with idling was around 12 thousand dollars per month, in the last 2 and a half years we have reduced that cost by 50% with Veltec."
Santos Andirá
"We had a significant reduction with the total costs (fuel, km, overtime), already in relation to the time spent in the operation, the reduction was conspicuous.
Carrer Foods
"With the implementation of Veltec, we were able to more satisfactorily meet our customers and reduce logistics costs."
"The Veltec system provided information for improvement in training drivers and operational responsibility with a focus directed to a more economically and environmentally friendly driving".
Almeida Mercados
"The greatest benefits with Veltec were security, greater commitment by drivers with the vehicle because they know they are being monitored."
Nilo Tozzo
"With Avant, you have the map and the suggestions of regions, which facilitates cargo loading."