Avoid fatal traffic accidents in my fleet?

Now we are Trimble!

Veltec has been acquired by Trimble, a U.S.-based technology provider. Trimble products are used in over 150 countries in a broad range of industries, including agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation and logistics.

Trimble and Veltec will collaborate to deliver solutions that advance the safety and efficiency of transportation everywhere.

telemetria e monitoramento de frota

Efficient management that prevents accidents, preserves lives and brings smiles!

According to DPVAT, in Brazil within only 1 year, around 42,500 people lost their lives to traffic accidents and 595,000 others were seriously injured in traffic in Brazil. Yet, 90% of these incidents are caused by human error, i.e. negligence or lack of attention.
Our fleet managers have already embraced this cause and are helping preserve thousands of lives. Your company can also join this movement by adopting technologies that monitor the driver and inhibit risky behaviors in real time.

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High cost? How about saving a few R$ billion?

According to the Accident Analysis portal the estimated cost with traffic accidents only in Brazil is 60 billion dollars per year. In addition, fuel waste for inappropriate driving represents an unnecessary burning of up to 6 billion liters of diesel per year.

We know that changing habits and opting for efficient solutions is ideal for your company and, especially, to make the world a better place.

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monitoramento de frota

An underutilized fleet does not help in times of crisis! Let’s optimize it?

Thousands of dollars wasted, every month, stuck with vehicles that also do not move. The reasons are many: stops for early servicing, inefficient allocations or private and inappropriate use, factors that bloat up the fleet and lead to high operational costs.

Keeping the fleet optimized and balanced in size and demand is an art form. Veltec can lend a hand to enhance your artistic self!

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Temos a confiança de mais de 900 clientes!

"Veltec has given us a more dynamic way to monitor the transport process of employees, as well as opportunities for online monitoring of all day-to-day events. So, we have achieved a goal of 98% reduction of complaints from users."
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“In addition to all the benefits the Veltec system has brought us, we rely on customer service by helpful commercial consultants."
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“With Veltec we could optimize working time, greater reliability in information for collection and overtime performed."
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"Today the company has the support of the entire team, providing quick actions and analysis and increasing productivity."
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"We had a significant reduction with the total costs (fuel, km, overtime), already in relation to the time spent in the operation, the reduction was conspicuous.
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"The consumption of the car stopped with idling was around 12 thousand dollars per month, in the last 2 and a half years we have reduced that cost by 50% with Veltec."
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Ever imagined your fleet without crashes and more profitable?

We are together in this challenge!

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Conheça a Veltec

Veltec is the main supplier of on board technologies for monitoring of vehicles with a focus on accident prevention and reduction of fleet operating costs.

With little more than a decade, Veltec has already won the trust of more than 1,000 companies around the country, including several of the largest business groups in Brazil, such as: Ambev, JBS, Gerdau, Raízen, Bunge - all among the 15 largest companies in the country.

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